Fife & Drum Miniatures is a range of 1/56 scale figures (approximately 30mm in height) sculpted by Richard Ansell, and is devoted to the American War of Independence. The figures may be purchased from Der Alte Fritz through this blog, using Paypal for payment. Click on the page tabs for Crown Forces, American forces and artillery equipment to see pictures of the individual figures.

Winner of the "Best Historical Miniatures Range of 2011" by The Miniatures Page.

Monday, June 25, 2012

New "1776 Deal" Starts Now!

Announcing New "1776 Deal" for Fife & Drum Miniatures

American Militia
Celebrate Independence Day with Fife & Drum Miniatures by taking advantage of our special "1776 Deal" from now through the July 4th and Bastille Day (July 14th) holidays. Fife & Drum wants to help you declare your independence from ordinary miniatures by offering two special discount programs to get you started.

Try a small sampling of our figures with a dozen figures for $17.76 plus postage. Or, if you are prepared to go all in on our range, we also offer the Grand 1776 deal of 84 figures for $117.76. Either way, you can save from 18% to 23% by taking us up on one of these deals and if we do say so ourselves, you will get some very nice figures in return.

Start out with two skirmish companies of maybe 12 American Militia and 12 British Grenadiers and give the Sharpe Practice rules a good work out with these figure sets. This is an easy, cost effective way of giving Fife & Drum figures a try at a modest cost.

Or if you are already convinced that Fife & Drum figures are great, then take advantage of our Grand 1776 deal and buy an 84 figure army at 23% off of list price. This will give you enough figures to start a brigade of Americans or British for the "British Grenadier" set of rules.

But don't wait too long, this offer expires on July 14th!

The Deal: buy 12 foot figures for $17.76 plus postage

The Discount: that is the equivalent of $1.48 per figure, or nearly 18% off our list price!

Limited Time Offer: The 1776 Deal starts today (June 26, 2012 and runs through Bastille Day on July 14, 2012. After July 14th, our prices go back to our normal price of $1.80 per foot. Offer does not apply to artillery equipment and crew.

Or try our Grand 1776 Deal:

Buy 84 figures for $117.76  or $1.40 per foot figure. That's $0.40 off list price or 23% discount.

To purchase, see contract information on the right hand side of this page.