Fife & Drum Miniatures is a range of 1/56 scale figures (approximately 30mm in height) sculpted by Richard Ansell, and is devoted to the American War of Independence. The figures may be purchased from Der Alte Fritz through this blog, using Paypal for payment. Click on the page tabs for Crown Forces, American forces and artillery equipment to see pictures of the individual figures.

Winner of the "Best Historical Miniatures Range of 2011" by The Miniatures Page.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fife & Drum Miniatures Is Growing!

British Light Infantry in roundabouts charge down the road. (click picture twice to enlarge).

We have been making steady progress in building and expanding our range of 1/56 scale (~29-31mm) figures for the American War of Independence. The Company commenced production in early 2011 and we are now up to 70 assorted figures and 7 artillery equipment sets as of the July 4th Independence Day. Another 16 figures – Continentals in hunting shirts & tricorne hats are in the pipeline as well as sprues of heads for those who want to make some light conversions to their models.

Check out the new poll on the left to express your preference for what we should add to the range next.

8 x militia
12 x Continentals in tricorne hats
2 x Mounted Officers
8 x artillery crew (loading and firing sets of 4)

8 x Light Company in roundabouts
8 x Brigade of Guards
6 x Grenadiers in bearskin hats
10 x Centre Company men in slouch hats
2 x Mounted officers
8 x artillery crew (loading and firing sets of 4)

1 x French Valliere 4-pdr
1 x American cast 6-pdr
1 x British 6-pdr
1 x Galloper Gun 3-pdr
1 x Amusette with wooden mantle
1 x limber
1 x Galloper gun limber
1 x limber team driver
2 x limber team draft horses
1 x artillery tools pack

As you can see, we have kept ourselves and sculptor Richard Ansell very busy this past year and there is much more in the pipeline and on the planning board, including light dragoons for both sides, Highlanders, Personalities and a complete array of Hessian infantry.

Keep checking in at this blog for more information and news updates as they occur.

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I am really excited by our progress so far – even more so when I consider how the range will continue to grow.


  1. Eventual Hessians and personalities? I'm giddy with anticipation. Giddy, I tell you!

    Best Regards,


  2. Good stuff! What will artillery pieces be priced at?

  3. I can't price them until I know their weight and spin cost. I'm estimating around $6.00 per cannon model, but don't hold me to that.