Fife & Drum Miniatures is a range of 1/56 scale figures (approximately 30mm in height) sculpted by Richard Ansell, and is devoted to the American War of Independence. The figures may be purchased from Der Alte Fritz through this blog, using Paypal for payment. Click on the page tabs for Crown Forces, American forces and artillery equipment to see pictures of the individual figures.

Winner of the "Best Historical Miniatures Range of 2011" by The Miniatures Page.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Announcing June Drawing Winners

For our inaugural drawing of a random name from the list of Fife & Drum Blog "Followers", I have decided to draw one name from North America and one name from the rest of the world. Each month there will be a drawing and the winner(s) will receive a $50.00 gift certificate good towards the purchase of any Fife & Drum miniatures.

Our winners are:

Essex Boy (Rest of the World)

Colonel Campbell (North America)

Congratulations to both of you! You can contact me at any time with your selection of free miniatures.

(altefritz1740) (at) (yahoo) (dot) (com)

If you have not yet signed on as a blog follower and want to be eligible to win some awesome free miniatures, then click on the box on the upper left hand side and become a Follower and be eligible for our next drawing at the end of July.

PS.  The artillery equipment and crew shipment are sitting in US Customs and are scheduled to arrive the week of July 2nd.  Just in time to celebrate Independence Day!

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  1. I'm extremely grateful for your generosity, DAF. It looks like I'm doing AWI in 28mm then! The voucher will be a welcome contribution to the first order.