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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Artillery Equipment Is Coming Soon!

Artillery components (L-R Top Row): French Valliere 4-pdr; American-cast 6-pdr; British 6-pdr; and 3-pdr Galloper.
I have already posted pix of the artillery components over on my Facebook page, TMP and my own Der Alte Fritz Journal blog and realized that I had not shown them here. Doh! The pieces are at the caster now and production moulds are in process, so it shouldn't be too much longer before we have inventory and are ready to ship from our growing artillery park.

Fife & Drum artillery will initially include:

French 4-pdr (Valliere System)
American cast 6-pdr
British 6-pdr
3pdr Galloper gun (includes limber chassis "C" in pix above)

We will also have a two horse limber team, a driver, an amusette with wooden mantle, the British artillery limber, and the galloper limber chassis, all of which are shown in the second row above from left to right. Below are a couple of pictures of the component greens loosely "assembled" so that you can see how they might look when assembled.

American 6-pdr components, as assembled.
Galloper gun horse and limber plus the 3-pdr cannon. The limber piece attaches to the gun trail of the cannon.

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