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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Spirit of '76 Vignette Has Arrived

Spirit of '76 vignette by Richard Ansell. Click to enlarge.

I have been keeping this wonderful vignette information under my hat, so to speak, so that I could spring it as a surprise for Fife & Drum Miniatures' trip to Historicon this year (July 18-21, 2013). Since our logo is comprised of the three gentlemen, it seems only natural that we should also offer the miniatures to our customers. I want to thank Richard for knocking out these three figures so quickly so that we could have them ready in time for Historicon. Likewise, Griffin Moulds Ltd., our caster, also put the project on the fast track so that the production moulds could be created and product cast in time to ship and make available to us at Historicon.

Did I mention that Fife & Drum Miniatures will be attending Historicon this year? We will be sharing booth space with Age of Glory (US distributor of the Empress Miniatures and Crusader Miniatures, among other ranges). I will also be hosting two participation games, one on Thursday evening and the other on Friday evening, both after the dealer area closes down for the day.

At any rate, the Spirit of '76 vignette will be given away at our Historicon booth. To get a set, all you have to do is stop by and make a minimum purchase of one bag of infantry ($8.00) . With that purchase, I will give you the Spirit of '76 vignette for free. For those of you who can not make it to Historicon, just send in a purchase for anything in our range (minimum purchase of $8.00) and with a little arm twisting, I will include a Spirit of '76 vignette in your order at no extra cost. Since I don't have the "bag price codes" listed yet, you may order any four infantry figures that you want off of our individual figure price list.

Kickstarter Heads Up

We will be launching our first Kickstarter Project probably next week to fund the next addition to our AWI range: American and British light dragoons! There will be some attractive rewards to entice your backing of the project, including the Spirit of '76 vignette as well as some other special Kickstarter figures that we will offer. So stay tuned to this blog for more information on the launch of this project. For stretch goals, we hope to put the British Legion cavalry into production as well as start on our range of Hessian musketeers and grenadiers. If things really hit the roof in terms of backing, Highlanders and French infantry and artillery crew will be underwritten and go into production.

It is my intention to make Fife & Drum the most comprehensive range of AWI figures and artillery equipment in the industry. We have a lot more artillery equipment and wagons on the planning boards including a big honkin' large French 24-pounder cannon. I can't wait to see that one.


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  1. Hi ! Happy New Year ! I wondered if you had still some of those miniatures to sell (at least one set, in fact) ? It would make a man happy :)