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Monday, June 3, 2013

New AWI and SYW Artillery Equipment is Now in Stock!

French Valliere System artillery equipment (L-R) 4-pdr; 8-pdr and 12-pdr shown with Minden Miniatures SYW French artillery crew figures.
French artillery (L-R) Swedish 4-pdr; Valliere 4-pdr; Valliere 8-pdr; and Valliere 12-pdr, shown with Minden Miniatures SYW figures. Click all pictures to enlarge the view.

The shipment of the new SYW artillery equipment, pontoon wagon and munitions wagon sets arrived today from Griffin Moulds Ltd and I have to say that I am very pleased with final products, as shown in some of these pictures. I had to do a bit of assembly work this evening, so I did not have time to black wash the castings to enhance their appearance in pictures. I wanted to get these posted on the Fife & Drum blog ASAP so you can see them for yourselves.

Munitions wagon: wicker-sided with canvas cover.
Pontoon wagon

Prussian artillery (L-R) 12-pdr; 10-pdr Howitzer; 6-pdr; and 3-pdr.

Prussian 12-pounder (left) and 10-pound Howitzer (right) shown with a Minden SYW pioneer.

Prussian 6-pounder (left) and 3-pounder (right) shown with Minden SYW pioneer.

New Artillery Equipment Product Codes:

AE-008  Pair of limber horse with driver         -- $8.00 per set 

AE-009  French 8-pounder,  Valliere System  -- $7.00 each

AE-010  French 12-pounder, Valliere System -- $7.00 each

AE-018  Pontoon Wagon with Pontoon (horse team not included) -- $10.00 each

AE-019  Munitions Wagon (horse team not included)                    -- $10.00 each

AE-020  Prussian 12-pounder                           -- $6.00 each

AE-021 Prussian 10-pound Howitzer               -- $6.00 each

AE-022 Prussian 6-pounder                              -- $6.00 each

AE- 023 Prussian 3-pounder regimental gun    -- $5.00 each

AE-024 Prussian light limber with ammo box (use for 6pdr)  $5.00 each

AE-025 Prussian heavy limber (use also for French cannon) -- $5.00 each

I am not included limber horses and drivers with the various wagons and limbers -- those must be purchased separately (AE-008). I would recommend one set of AE-008 with each of the equipment pieces in this list, i.e. a two-horse team.

The AE-025 Prussian limber is a standard "Y-Frame" limber used by most countries in Europe during the Seven Years War, so it is suitable for any of the French artillery and for the Prussian 12-pounder and 10-pound howitzer. For the Prussian 6-pounder, use the AE-024 light limber which includes the ammo chest/seat attached to the limber frame.

Eventually, I will also sell pontoons separately as a set of two pontoons. I have to get the production mould made for these, so for the time being, the only way to get the pontoon is to purchase the wagon and pontoon set.

As all of these new equipment pieces are in stock, we are ready to take orders for them and ship them out immediately.



  1. I have been watching your range of figures carefully, resisting manfully whilst I complete my Minden armies (800 done, 200 to go!). Now you've gone and done it - I'm just going to have to replace all my artillery pieces. These are just wonderful!
    I think there must be a conspiracy between you and Frank to empty my bank account.