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Monday, July 9, 2012

British Artillery Equipment & Crews

3-pound Galloper Gun with British artillerist shown for proportions.
 Today I am posting pictures of the Galloper Gun set (consisting of the horse, limber and 3 pound cannon), crew are extra, which can be used in either the British or the Continental armies. These are particularly useful for those of you who are interested in the Southern Theatre of the AWI.

Galloper Gun Unlimbered and Manned By British Crew

At first look, I thought that maybe the 3-pounder was a little bit on the small size, but don't forget, everything in the Fife & Drum range is done to 1/56 scale. Thus the equipment is correctly scaled to the height of the men. I was looking at a picture of a galloper gun on the Colonial Williamsburg web site and their picture indicates that the wheel was up to the man's waist. So I think that we nailed it correctly with our models.

British 6-pounder with British "Loading" Crew

Above is shown the British 6-pounder with the AE-12 Loading Crew. One figure is holding a shell sabot (left foreground), a second is ramming the tube, the third figure is the ventsman - holding his thumb over the touch hole, and finally, a fourth figure that can hold any number of tools in his open hand. I was really impressed with how easily the rammer fits into the hands of the figure, while seating very snuggly in his hands. The rammer will NOT fall out of his hands and gluing the tools into the figures' hands is so easy peasy.

British 6-pounder with British "Firing Crew"
Finally, we see the 6-pounder about to be fired by the AE-11 Firing Crew. Note the fellow on the left covering both ears with his hands. The crewman in the right foreground is covering one ear, while holding a tool in the other hand. I can imagine that the officer figure will wind up on a few command stand vignettes.

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  1. Nice set Jim, I can see that galloper gun making it's way back across the Atlantic to decorate a few SYW battlefields. Well that's what I'm planning :-)