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Sunday, February 5, 2012

What's Next?

The results of the poll are in and I want to thank the 92 people who voted. Here are the results:

1. Artillery crew (both sides)   39 votes
2. Dragoons (both sides)          23 votes
3. Personalities                         22 votes
4. More Militia                         14 votes
5. Continentals variants            12 votes

For most of the voting period, artillery and personalities were running neck in neck in what appeared to be a tight race. But then, the artillery had a strong finish and the personalities faded to third as the dragoon votes caught them at the end.

So here is what will come next - we plan to add two sets of four crew for both the Continentals and the British. Once crew will be in firing poses, while the second crew will be loading the gun or positioning the field piece.

There will also be a pair of limber horses and some civilian drivers.

And finally, we will have the limbers and start off with 3-pd and 6-pd field guns for both armies. However, it is not my turn in the sculpting queue yet, so I would estimate that we will bring the artillery to market around May/June 2012.

After that, who knows? It will either be Continentals in hunting shirts, dragoons or personalities.

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