Fife & Drum Miniatures is a range of 1/56 scale figures (approximately 30mm in height) sculpted by Richard Ansell, and is devoted to the American War of Independence. The figures may be purchased from Der Alte Fritz through this blog, using Paypal for payment. Click on the page tabs for Crown Forces, American forces and artillery equipment to see pictures of the individual figures.

Winner of the "Best Historical Miniatures Range of 2011" by The Miniatures Page.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome to the Fife & Drum Miniatures Blog

Fife & Drum Miniatures is a new range of figures devoted to the American War of Independence ("AWI"), or the American Revolution, as we call it here in the United States. The figures are designed by Richard Ansell (the creative force behind Minden Miniatures - Seven Years War; and Alban Miniatures - Napoleonic Wars).  The figures are in 1/56 scale, which means that everything about the figure, from the body proportions, the muskets, and all of the equipment, are sculpted to this exact scale. As a result, the Ansell sculpts have a very real and lifelike appearance to them that is unmatched by anything else in the wargame hobby.

I am pleased to announce that the first figures in this range are now in production and we should begin to have them in stock by April 20, 2011. We offer eight American Militia poses and eight British Light Infantry poses. See the Stock Numbers for the individual figures in the list below. We also have the "greens" for eight British Brigade of Guards and hope to put these figures into production shortly.

Our next figure releases will be Continental Infantry in tricorn hats and we should start seeing examples of the "greens" by the end of April, 2011. Over the course of 2011, we plan on adding British line infantry in campaign uniforms, circa 1777, British grenadiers, and artillery crew for both armies, along with an assortment of cannon models and limber sets.

How to Order These Figures

Fife & Drum Miniatures will be sold through this blog site, using Paypal for payment of purchases. Send me an e-mail at: fife_drum_minis (at)yahoo(dot)com to place your orders.

Keep watching this blog for more news on the Fife & Drum Miniatures range.

Update: please note the new e-mail address for ordering Fife & Drum Miniatures

Prices: $1.80 per figure, sold as single figures + applicable postage.


  1. I have posted a link to this blog on the "Emperor vs Elector" group blog amongst the "Other Blogs of Interest" list.

    Good luck to your project, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Good luck with this venture. I'll spread some word around.

  3. Very nice figures !! Good luck for your business

  4. Jeff: thank you for posting the link to Emperor vs Elector. It is much appreciated.

  5. Wonderful! Are these compatible with my 30mm Stadden AWI? I sure would like to beef up my armies . . .